The Seraphim Medal

Serafimermedaljen. Foto: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna

The Seraphim Medal. Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna

In connection with the ceremonial ‘revival’ of the Order of the Seraphim, a medal in seventh size was struck. This has since been awarded to individuals who have performed outstanding services of a humanitarian nature or of general benefit to society. The medal has been at The King's disposal since 1975.

The medal bears the image of King Frederick I, and is awarded in gold in 7th size. It was initially worn on a gold chain from a buttonhole on the tunic. It is now awarded mounted on a number of narrow gold chain links, arranged to resemble a ribbon, and is worn on the chest like other medals. On the reverse, the attractive knight’s chain of the Order of the Seraphim surrounds the inscription ‘ORDO EQ. SERAPHIN. RESTAURATUS NATALI REGIS LXXIII’. The edge inscription reads ‘PROCERES CUM PRINCIPE NECTIT’, with the year 1748 at the bottom.

The Seraphim Medal is the first official medal awarded with a royal crown on the upper edge, and the only medal on which the royal portrait is not replaced when a new monarch ascends to the throne. The Seraphim Medal is also Sweden’s oldest medal for reward or merit. The medal is awarded very rarely.

Return of the Seraphim Medal

The Seraphim Medal shall be returned to the Royal Orders of Knighthood on the demise of the recipient. The medal, name and birth date of the recipient shall be returned via mail (with tracking) to Kungl. Maj:ts Orden.

Information on who the receipt shall be sent to should also be included. If you wish, the Royal Orders of Knighthood can include a picture of the Medal along with the receipt, free of charge.