The Royal Orders of Knighthood

One of The King's tasks as the highest representative of the realm is to award orders and medals of merit. It is a way to call to attention persons who, in different manners and in different fields, have done good for society.

Medal Awarding Ceremony

After the names of recipients of His Majesty's medals has been made public on January 28, June 6 and November 5, an award ceremony is held at the Royal Castle. The King awards the medals and The Queen presents the medal diploma to the medal recipients.

Rewards Efforts for the Good of Society

Orders and medals are a way for heads of state to reward outstanding efforts for the good of society.

As the head of state is a country's highest representative, the rewards are in principle an expression of the country's gratitude and are therefore highly appreciated. In Sweden, orders have been awarded continuously since 1748.

Between 1975 and 2022, the The Royal Order of Seraphim was awarded to heads of state and equals, from 1995 including the Swedish Royal House. The Royal Order of the Polar Star was awarded to foreign citizens and stateless persons, from 1995 including the Swedish Royal House. The Royal Order of the Sword and the Royal Order of Vasa was dormant.

Between 2018 and 2023, work on the so-called Rewards Reform has been ongoing, a reform that is a comprehensive review of Sweden's finest awards for meritous contributions. This means that from 2023 awards within the Order of the Seraphim, the Order of the Sword , the Order of the Polar Star and the Order of Vasa is once again awarded for outstanding merit to Swedish interests to Swedish citizens and foreigners alike.

The King also awards five royal different medals to Swedish citizens, where H.M. The King's Medal is the most awarded. In addition, The King awards royal jubilee commemorative medals. It was done, for example, in connection with the Crown Princess's wedding and >The King's 70th birthday.

The Swedish government awards four medals to Swedish citizens, with the Medal Illis quorum meruere labores being the most awarded. The medal For Zeal and Devotion in the Service of the Realm is also counted as a government medal and is awarded to government employees.

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Duties and Areas of Responsibility

The Royal Orders of Knighthood is the name of an office consisting of eight persons having H.M. The King's commission to administer orders and medals matters. The Royal Orders of Knighthood is led by the Chancellor, assisted by the Vice Chancellor at the same time Secretary, the Treasurer, the Intendent, the Herald, the Clerk, the Archivist, and the Royal Coat of Arms Painter.

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