Preparatory Process - from Nomination to Conferral

  1. The Royal Orders of Knighthood

    Nominations are submitted via a form sent to the The Royal Orders of Knighthood. The nominations are compiled for consideration by the Council.​​

  2. The Council

    Establishes a favorable opinion over nominations suitable for bestowals of the Royal Orders and submits this to the government.

  3. The Government

    Establishes an intercession and submits it to The Royal Orders of Knighthood.

  4. The Royal Orders of Knighthood

    Announces the decision on who to confer the Royal Orders (the Grand Master decides in extra Chapter of the Orders).​
    nvites the recipients to the award ceremony.​

  5. The Royal Orders of Knighthood

    For Swedes and others living in Sweden, the Grand Master, with the support of the Royal Orders of Knighthood and the Office of Ceremonies, presents the diploma and the insignia during a ceremony at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.​

    For others, the letters patent and insignia are presented by the Swedish Ambassador (or equivalent) in the country of residence.

Exceptions from the above

  • Nominations to awards for bravery, the Military Cross of the Order of the Sword in three classes, should be made to the Government Office. They are prepared within the Armed Forces and the proposal of the Commander-in-Chief is given to the Government for decision.
  • If there are special reasons, a nomination can be submitted to the government, according to § 2 of the regulation. Examples of such reasons are that an authority is prevented from submitting a nomination to The Royal Orders of Knighthood on grounds of secrecy.
  • Nominations for government medals are submitted to the Government Office.