The Order of the Polar Star

Kommendör av Nordstjärneorden. Foto: Markku Koivumäki/Studio Kamera-Boden

Commander of the Order of the Polar Star. Photo: Markku Koivumäki/Studio Kamera-Boden

The Royal Order of the Polar Star was instituted in 1748, and is intended to recognise personal efforts for Sweden or for Swedish interests, especially within public activities, as well as the successful performance of public duties and assignments.

The insignia of the order is the decoration worn on a chain or on a black ribbon (to represent the darkness of ignorance pierced by the rays of the star). Conferrals between 1975 and 2022 on foreigners and stateless individuals had a mid-blue ribbon with yellow edges.

The decoration is a white-enamelled golden cross with a dark blue medallion bearing the motto of the order, ‘Nescit occasum’ (‘It knows no decline’), crowned with a closed crown. Between the arms of the cross are open crowns.

The chain consists of alternating crowned dark blue monograms and white Polar Stars. The chain can be awarded as a special mark of honour.

For the two highest classes of the order, a star is worn on the left side of the chest (from the wearer’s perspective). The star is an eight-pointed silver cross, at the centre of which is a silver Polar Star.

The classes are:

  • Commander Grand Cross
  • Commander, First Class
  • Commander
  • Knight, First Class
  • Knight

The order includes the Cross of the Polar Star (like Knight, but no white enamel on the arms of the cross) instituted in 2023 and the Medal of the Polar Star in gold and silver instituted in 1986.

The Medal of the Polar Star can be awarded with a clasp for valor, pertaining to staff of government authorities serving in armed conflict other than the Swedish Armed Forces.

Return of Orders

All orders shall be returned to the Royal Orders of Knighthood on the demise of the recipient. The insignia, name and birth date of the recipient shall be returned via mail (with tracking) to Kungl. Maj:ts Orden.

Information on who the receipt shall be sent to should also be included. If you wish, the Royal Orders of Knighthood can include a picture of the insigna along with the receipt, free of charge.

Kommendör av Nordstjärneorden med det blågula band som använts 1975-2022 för utlänningar och statslösa. Foto: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna

Commander of the Order of the Polar Star with the blue-yellow riband used 1975-2022 for foreigners and stateless persons. Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna