Proscription for Wearing Decorations

Orders and medals in the original size are worn with white tie (equivalent). Miniatures can be worn for formal wear but also for black tie in formal contexts. Orders and medals are only worn in original size for suit.

The King's Medal of the 12th size is worn in a chain or ribbon around the neck. Women, however, wear the 12th size with a large bow on the left shoulder. It can also be worn with a black tie or suit and tie, but only with a chain for formal wear. Royal Commemorative Badges and Commemorative Medals are worn on the chest in front of (to the right from the wearer's point of view) other awards. Other official or semi-official medals and insignia are worn after (to the left of the wearer) the royal medals.

When orders and medals are not prescribed, possession may be marked with one (1) button, rosette, or clip for black tie or suti and tie at an official or private function in honor of someone present or otherwise when justified by the circumstances

From the center of the chest to the left shoulder of the wearer are worn (in order ) the Seraphim Medal, H.M. The King's Medal in 8th or 5th size in gold, the Medal Litteris et Artibus, the Prince Eugen Medal and the Prince Carl Medal, and H.M. The King's medal in silver.

More information can be found in the document below:

Wearing Orders and Medals (Swedish only) Pdf, 683 kB.

Kungafamiljen, december 2018. Foto: Stella Pictures

The Royal family, December 2018. Foto: Stella Pictures